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100% Nutural Soy Wax Candles and 100% Pure Essential Oils (Therapeutic grade)

All pure and natural ingredients, 100% Cotton Wick (Unbleached), Dye Free, No Smoke and Soot Free, Non-Toxic, Lead-Free, No pollute the air, No Animal Testing and Hand Poured. 

- Supply Agarwood Candles, Sandalwood Candles and other 15 popular famous scents in the world.

- Agarwood, Bergamot, Clary sage, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang

- Also with Bug Away Candles and Unscented Candles.

- Candle Holders & Essential Oil Burners


All kinds of 100% Pure Premium Sandalwood Products

From 10 years old sandalwood that rich aroma and long lasting.

- Sandalwood Oil, Sandalwood Chips, Sandalwood Powder, Sandalwood Incense Cones, Sandalwood Incense Stick. Sandalwood Incense Coil.


100% Highest Grade - Frankincense (Oman) 

100% Myrrh (Somalia) Resin, Gum, Tear and Oil.

100% Amber (Lithuania) - Resin


A one-stop place supplies all kinds of Quality Burning products for aromatherapy and spiritual usage.



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Scented Soy Candles

Finest Agarwood Products You can Trust! - Agarwood, Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oud, Oudh, Jinkoh, Gaharu, Chen Xiang, Chim Hyuang, Pau d'aguila, Calambac / Bois d'aigle, Adlerholz,กฤษณา, 沈香, ジンコウ, 沉香木,دهن العود : Teakwood, Blackwood, Siamese Rosewood, Bamboo, Iron Wood, Burma Padauk, Mahogany, Baobab, Moringa Buy online and Sell online,

Welcome to AgarHarvest

 Finest Agarwood Products from AgarHarvest

(100% Pure Agarwood / 100% Pure Oudh / Aloeswood / Gaharu)


Agarwood Seeds 2024 is READY Now!

Limited Quata supply only!

agarwood seeds


ونحن على الصانع والمصدر من 100٪ نقية وحقيقية وأجود المنتجات العود.
مباشرة من المزارع الخاصة بنا في تايلاند مع تداول القانونية.
الحصول على أسعار الجملة مع التوصيل المجاني في جميع أنحاء العالم الآن.


Мы являемся производителем и экспортером 100% чистый, подлинный и лучших Agarwood продуктов.
Сразу от нашей собственной плантации в Таиланде с законной торговли.
Получить оптовой цене с бесплатной доставкой по всему миру в настоящее время.

Thailand agarwood oudh gaharu

            We are a manufacturer and exporter of Agarwood  العود [also known as Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oud, Oudh, Gaharu, 沈香 ジンコウ Jinkoh (Japan), 沉香木 Chen Xiang (China), Chim Hyuang (Korea), Pau d'aguila (Portuguese),Calambac / Bois d'aigle (French) and Adlerholz (German) and also produce agarwood related products from Thailand (กฤษณา-Thailand) in Southeast Asia region (place where produce the best Agarwood product in the world especially in TRAT City).

           We have an expertise in Agarwood industry more than a decade and we are able to sell and supply Agarwood products, plants and tree for high volume quantity to international market. Our agarwood cost is reasonable and affordable for your buying, it is direct from our own farm / plantation.

          Our Agarwood products are 100% Pure & Genuine from our tree from own Farming / Plantation, it is Aquilaria Subintegra Species (Cambodian type).  This species produce the most resin content among the other types.

          Main products are Agarwood Chips (Oudh Chips), Agarwood Oil (Oudh Oil), Agarwood Chunk, Agarwood Powder, Agarwood Incense Stick (Joss Sticks), Agarwood Incense Cone, Agarwood Stuff / Bakhoor, Agarwood Tea / Gaharu Tea (Tea Bags and Loose Tea), it is green tea from the leaves.

agarwood chips natural - agarharvest  agarwood tea - agarharvest

             Also, we can supply:- Agarwood Dust, Agarwood Leaf/Leaves, Agarwood Seeds, Agarwood Seedlings / Saplings, Agarwood Tree Logs, Agarwood Distilled Water (Hydrosol), Agarwood Boiled Water, Agarwood Beads Bracelet Rosary / Mala Beads, Agarwood Beads Necklace Rosary / Mala Beads or even Distillation Pot. All-In-One Place.  Download our Product Catalog here

            Agarwood Seeds we have 3 species (Varieties):- Aquilaria Subintegra / Aquilaria Crassna / Aquilaria Malaccensis See details

            Agarwood Seedlings / Sapliings, we have 3 species (Varieties):- Aquilaria Subintegra / Aquilaria Crassna / Aquilaria Malaccensis See details

            Agarwood / Oudh / Gaharu / Aloeswood / Eaglewood has more benefits and usage, it use for enhance more aromatic scent in perfume and fragrance industry, use for medical purpose to healing and treatment in some problems, for beauty products as a good combination. use for religious and spriritual purpose or even use for personal collection. See more information of agarwood knowledge and its benefits. Click here

               You will be confident that our Agarwood tree was grown and cultivated by Agriculturist, not from the forest, and we do have a good agarwood cultivation / inducement / inoculation technique to produce to most resin from the tree and you can buy agarwood directly from the source.

           And every Agarwood / Oudh / Gaharu / Aloeswood / Eaglewood trees already have been registered with CITES. (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Also, our quality has been certified and proofed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Government and Industrial Institute of Thailand.  See our Proven Certificates here 

         So, we are proud and confident that we can export only the best, finest and 100% Pure Agarwood / Oudh / Aloeswood / Gaharu / Eaglewood products and sell at reasonable agarwood price / oudh price and gaharu price to worldwide customers with suitable agarwood cost.

          Enjoy shopping at our agarwood shop. We have Bangkok office in Thailand that always welcome to visit for smell and test all kind of agarwood products.

All of major shipment / bulk order will apply CITES Certificate for your Legal Importing and Phytosanitary Certificate for your Health & Quarantine Department to your country by Free of Charge.

***There is a RARE and Sinking Wood available in Limited, Please check the supply again***

For agarwood / gaharu grower or planter, we can supply Bio Stimulant / Fungi / Fungus / Fungal (Bio Fermentation Treatment) Inoculant / Inoculum that inject into the tree to stimulate the resinous. It is an inducer for inoculation or inducement process.


"We can be your consultant or any Consultation service of Plantation, Build a Distillery Factory, Equipments and Machinery Supplies and Technology to your Country"

Also provide all advices for running the productions on all processes.

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We also have Thailand Tropical Hardwood, Forest wood, Rare wood and agriculture or medicinal plants for Seeds and Seedlings / Saplings available as:-

tropical wood seeds teak rhizome teak rhizome

  • Teak wood (Tectona grandis) :- Teak wood Seeds, Teak wood Rhizomes.
  • Black wood / Siamese Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre):- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Brown Salwood / Mangge Hutan / Tongke Hutan / Sabah Salwood :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Burmese Rosewood (Dalbergia oliveri Gamble) :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Iron Wood (Hopea odorata Roxb.) :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Burma Padauk / Pterocarpus macrocarpus :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib. :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb. :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Shorea obtusa / Siamese Sal :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb. :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Ebony (Diospyros mollis Griff):- Seeds
  • Mahogany / Sky Fruit (Swietenia macrophylla King) :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Bamboo (Gigantochloa sp. / Schizostachyum grande / Thyrsostachys oliveri) :- Seeds, Seedlings.
  • Soursop (Graviola / Annona muricata L.):- Seeds, Seedlings
  • Moringa / Moringa Oleifera / Drumstick Tree / Horse Radish Tree - also known as "Miracle Tree"
    • Supplies:- Moringa Seeds, Moringa Seedlings, Moringa Seed Oil (Cold Pressing) or Ben Oil, Moringa Powder, Moringa Leaves, Moringa Tea
    • This tree has more than 300 benefits that help fighting against diseases.
    • 7 times more Vitamin C than Oranges, 4 times more Vitamin A than Carrots, 4 times more Calciam than Milk, 3 times more Potassiam than Bananas, 2 Times more Protien than Yogurt.

bamboo seeds bamboo plant moringa seed moringa tree

***DOWNLOAD Full Lists of our Agriculture Seeds & Seedlings CLICK HERE***

If cannot find the seeds you wish, please contact us for another rare seeds availability at

View VDO of each growing seeds, seedlings and large logs by this link


Interest in of Fruits / Vegetables / Flowers Seeds and Seedlings from Thailand?

fruits and vegetables tropical thai fruits

  • Durian, Jack Fruit, Mangosteen, Mango, Lychee, Rambutan
  • Pineapple, Banana, Longan, Rose Apple, Custard Apple, etc...

We can supply you according to the seasonal harvesting period.

Please contact for availability, price and delivery.

أفضل دهن عود | بيع دهن العود | العود النفط | العود | العود رقائق | دهن العود

沉香木, 沈香, ジンコウ, gaharu, oud oudh, aloeswood, trầm hương, ágar, adlerholz, bois d'agar, ไม้กฤษณา ,

Inoculant, Inoculum, Inoculation , Inducer, Inducement, Treatment, Agarwood Fungi, Agarwood Fungus, Agarwood Fungal

Teak, Teak wood, Teak Rhizome, Black wood, Siamese Rosewood, Rosewood, Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre, Shorea obtusa

Brown Salwood / Mangge Hutan / Tongke Hutan / Sabah Salwood, Bamboo, Burmese Rosewood, Dalbergia oliveri Gamble

Iron Wood, Burma Padauk, Mahogany, Swietenia macrophylla King, Gigantochloa sp, Schizostachyum grande, Thyrsostachys oliveri

Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib, Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb., Hopea odorata Roxb, Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb.

Moringa, Moringa Oleifera, Drumstick Tree, Horse Radish Tree, Miracle Tree, Diospyros mollis Griff Ebony

Moringa Seeds, Moringa Tree, Moringa Tea, Moringa Oil (Cold Pressing), Ben Oil, Soursop, Graviola , Sky Fruit